Bagsik Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Parts regeneration

We offer repair service of all screen changers, with complex technical support.

Our products are of high quality and meet the requirements of our customers.

We have our own design office (CAD system, based on the Solid Works 3D software), and we provide advice on technical solutions of the machinery of the plastics processing industry with a focus on filtration.

We repair and we make new parts on the basis of damaged, or worn parts. Customers can also provide technical documentation of part.

We make 3D visualizations of details, we adapt the machine to the connections of a particular customer.

Examples of details that we regenerate or produce for our customers:

  • Connecting flanges
  • Connectors
  • Additional holes in details, eg. for pressure and temperature sensors
  • Extruder snails
  • knives for pelletizers and mills
  • Covers, guards
  • Heaters for machines
  • Various types of machine parts
  • etc.