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47055 Duisburg, Germany
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Kubota Brabender Technologie

The German company Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co. KG. Founded in 1957, Brabender is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and systems for dosing, weighing and discharging as well as measuring the flow of bulk materials.

Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co.KG dosing systems are used worldwide in the bulk materials industry, e.g. in the plastics industry for mixing and extrusion, in the chemical industry (detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals), food (feed, sugar), in construction (ceramics, glass, tiles, etc.). The company is based in Duisburg, Germany, and has a network of branches known all over the world, including in PL – Gliwice.

Leverkuser Str. 65
42897 Remscheid, Germany
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Oerlikon Barmag

Oerlikon is a world leader in artificial fiber spinning, texturing machines, BCF systems, fiber production solutions and as a service provider – offering engineering solutions for the entire textile production chain. The Oerlikon Group is constantly developing energy-saving e-save technologies and Blue Competence Initiative VDMA. The company supports the entire process of polycondensation and extrusion line systems using industry 4.0 solutions


We design, develop and manufacture Continuous Kneaders since 1997 striving to optimize the technology invented in 1945 by Heinz List. We evolved into a worldwide leading manufacturer of Continuous Kneaders. Since 2011 X-Compound contributes to the international activities of the Troester Group, with its world-wide renowned high-quality cable production lines and rubber extrusion and processing equipment. Founded in 1892, managed by its owners from the beginning onwards, and with its headquarter in Hannover/Germany, TROESTER is setting the milestones for rubber and plastics processing industries. As part of the group, we ensure qualified service and support to our customers.

Our Continuous Kneaders and complete compounding plants are tailormade for your application and engineered to produce materials with the best quality at lowest operational costs. Our Kneaders are exceptionally well suited to handle temperature sensitive, shear sensitive as well as highly filled materials for a broad range of applications.

Extruder Experts GmbH & Co. KG
Am Windrad 2352156 Monschau, Germany
+49 2472 970 42-28
mob: +49 178 637 59 10

Extruder Experts

Since 2006 we have been pushing our way up successfully, as a leading manufacturer and service provider of wear parts for twin-screw extruders. With a lot of care, passion and even more knowledge.

A golden extruder rule: it all comes out in the end. At Extruder Experts, we don’t screw it up.

 Our strict quality management takes care of that. Every step along the value chain is monitored – from product development and production to assembly and disassembly. So guess what comes out in the end? Durability, a broad and cross-manufacturer range, as well as perfect service.

Michael Vetter
Am Hofgarten 1 – 2
53113 Bonn, Germany
+49 228.921283-0
fax: +49 228.5389594


Rewindo is an initiative of German producers of plastic profiles in the field of recycling plastic windows, shutters and doors. Window recycling is based on the participation of all persons in the chain of PVC window processors and manufacturers. To this end, Rewindo works with services, information and communication and has become an industry brand for effective recycling management. Proof of this success are the increasing amounts of recyclable recycled material obtained from dismantled windows, shutters and doors made of plastic.