3D scanner

The 3D scanner with Zeis optics works on the principle of structured light projection, which means that it produces lines of light on the surface of the object and then analyzes their deformations to obtain an accurate 3D model of the object.

The advantages of the scanner include, above all, very high precision and accuracy of scanning, as well as the ability to obtain very detailed and realistic 3D models. This scanner also allows you to quickly and easily scan large objects and surfaces with a complex shape, which is a great advantage compared to traditional measurement methods.


The 3D scanner is used in many industries, including manufacturing, prototyping and reverse engineering. In manufacturing companies, 3D scanning allows for accurate measurement and quality control of elements, as well as for quick creation of their replicas. In the field of prototyping and reverse engineering, the 3D scanner enables the rapid creation of 3D models of objects, which significantly speeds up the process of designing and prototyping new products. It is a modern tool that enables quick and accurate scanning of objects in order to obtain realistic 3D models. Thanks to high precision and ease of use, this scanner is widely used in industry, accelerating and improving many production and design processes.