EPPA – Recycling von PVC-Fenstern in einem geschlossenen Kreislauf

EPPA promotes the recycling of consumer windows in Europe to increase sustainability and environmental friendliness. Help us make the circular economy a reality by recycling old PVC windows, reducing the amount of waste going to landfills while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. More information in a short video presenting the ideas of EPPA: https://www.eppa-profiles.eu/videos At the […]

Rewindo Premium Partner

Bagsik Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. became a premium partner of Rewindo Fenster-Recycling-Service.This group was founded in 2016. in order to create a network of companies dealing with the recycling of old PVC windows. In the following years, the sectors of film production and machine production were also added to the partner networks. In […]

Presentation of F-type screen changers

Plastics processing consists in melting the polymer and giving it the desired shape. The process of melting the material itself is a relatively simple process and is mastered in modern extruders or injection molding machines. The method of molten mass filtration, often omitted in studies, causes significant technological problems. Because a poorly selected filtering system […]