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Dutch Twilled Weave DTW

Non mesh dutch twilled weave filter screens DTW are available in rolls or as filter discs. They have high resistance to rupture and mechanical strength.


  • Non-mesh weave,
  • very dense weave,
  • greater ability of reverse flush through dense alignment of wires,
  • very low absolute filtration accuracy (5-6 μm),
  • equally flat on both sides,
  • better filtration with low viscous media.

Main areas of application

  • fine filtration: in hydraulic kits in critical areas, e.g. in cosmonautics and fuel filters, as well as filters of combustion chambers,
  • coarse mesh: settling tanks and well filters.

Explanation of filtration accuracu

Total filtration
It is the diameter of the largest spherical hard particle which may penetrate the filter in an invariable flow.

Nominal filtration
a term adopted to describe the removal of 98% of random particles larger than this size.

SymbolMesh per inchFiltration accuracyWater flow
Mesh width
DTW 4400×280015-62,000,07
DTW 6375×230016-71,800,08
DTW 8325×230028-92,500,09
DTW 12200×1400511-133,200,14
DTW 16200×1420915-179,600,16
DTW 18165×14001015-184,800,15
DTW 20165×11001220-218,800,16