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Panzer Weave PW

Non mesh panzer weave filter screens PW are available in rolls or as filter discs. They have high resistance to rupture and mechanical strength.


  • non-mesh weave,
  • weft wires thicker than warp wires,
  • desired net stability,
  • high tensile strength and high mechanical resistance to,
  • stress in the direction of weft and warp,
  • uniform filtration accuracy,
  • particularly high flow power,
  • easy to clean,
  • high efficiency of pollutants trapping.

Main areas of application

  • Settling tanks and well filters
  • Pressure filters and filter candles.

Explanation of filtration accuracu

Total filtration
It is the diameter of the largest spherical hard particle which may penetrate the filter in an invariable flow.

Nominal filtration
a term adopted to describe the removal of 98% of random particles larger than this size.

SymbolMesh per inchFiltration accuracyWater flow
Mesh width
PW 10912×1541012-146,500,15
PW 17630×1301722-256,000,21
PW 40290×754050-556,200,35
PW 55171×515564-727,100,57
PW 60175×506082-948,100,57
PW 80130×358098-1067,100,77
PW 100130×30100122-1309,300,83
PW 150110×20150200-2159,101,03
PW 20063×18 210-21512,001,34