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Plain Dutch Weave SPW

Non mesh plain dutch weave filter screens are available in rolls or as filter discs.


  • non-mesh weave,
  • weft wires thicker than warp wires,
  • warp wires situated as close to each other as possible,
  • high precision,
  • insignificant pressure losses during filtration,
  • more stable than square and rectangular mesh net,
  • relatively large filtrating surface.

Main areas of application

Suitable for almost any filtration purposes

Objaśnienie dokładności filtracji

Total filtration

It is the diameter of the largest spherical hard particle which may penetrate the filter in an invariable flow.

Nominal filtration

a term adopted to describe the removal of 98% of random particles larger than this size.

SymbolMesh per inchFiltration accuracyWeight
Mesh width
SPW 3480×7002532-360,980,25
SPW 4080×4003636-450,820,23
SPW 452/50×2503042-481,150,31
SPW 6350×2504056-631,000,32
SPW 7150×2804571-751,000,32
SPW 7540×2005677-801,300,40
SPW 10030×15063100-1121,600,50
SPW 12524×11080112-1252,700,67
SPW 18020×160 160-1801,550,50
SPW 26014×88 250-2803,150,76
SPW 30012×64 280-3004,101,21