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DMV 2001/2002 series

Amplifier and pressure gauge DMV 2001 and DMV 2002 is based on the microprocessor construction. The characteristic features of the amplifier is that it is easy to operate and it is possible to adjust it to different pressures.

It is an amplifier for material flow pressure controlling converters. Universal possibilities of settings assure the conversion of 1 to 4 mV signal in the output connection. The unit may be protected against the non-authorized usage. Device has 2 analogue outputs in ranges of 0-10 V, 0-20 mA or 2-10 V and 4-20 mA with the possibly to program.

DMV 2001 power supply voltage is 230 V and DMV 2002 power supply voltage is 24 V.

Technical data

ModelFront cover
Dimensions96 x 49 x 116 casing – contains terminal block – with snaps – plastic hooks up to 50 mm thick walls. PC/ABS blend material, black, weight about 0,450 kg. Required notch size: 92 mm x 45 mm.
Display7-segment LED diode, 14 mm high
Insulation classFront IP 54, connections IP 00
Accuracy±0,1% of measurement. ±1 digit of temperature accuracy 0 50 ppm/K
Inputresistance – Wheatstone 350 Ohm bridge
Sensor power supply±5 VDC
Power supply voltage10 VDC power supply of the converter
Sensitivity1 mV/V, 2 mV/V, 3.3 mV/V, 4 mV/V
Analog output0-10 VDC or 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
Calibration range in %80
Range0 – 9999 bar
Support readings24 VDC*
115 VAC 48-62 Hz*
230 VAC 48-62 Hz
Power of the power supplyPower supply 230 VAC ±10% 50-60 Hz, input power about 5 VA – DMV 2001 or 24 VDC – DMV 200