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CDTA series

CDTA series pressure transducer with built-in thermocouple are characterized by high quality and relatively low price in comparison to product merits.

Thanks to standard protective titanium nitride coating diaphragm, these transducers offer high resistance to wearing providing necessary sensitivity at the same time. These transducers are ideal standards to measure pressure in plastic processing sector in the whole world. The precision of the pressure measurement goes hand in hand with accuracy ±0,5% of the max. ranges. Additional characteristic features of this series is the measurement of polymer melting temperature.

Technical data

Pressure range0-100 to 0-1500 bar
Total measurement error in % of maximum indication±0.5
Accuracy of indications in %±0.1
Range of indicationsUnlimited
Maximum overload of the rated value2x measuring range
Integrated temperature sensorFeCuNi type J / NiCrNi type K /
Pt100 2, 3, 4 wire
Membrane materialTitanium nitride 1.4541
Resistance of tensiometric sensor350 Ohm DMS
Output signal3.33 mV/V
Power Supply6-10 VDC
Calibration point in % of the range80
Insulation resistance1000 MOhm at 50 VDC
Maximum temp. at membrane410°C
Max. temp. at electronic part120°C
Max. allowed mounting torque1/2″-20UNF-2A = 5 Nm
M18 x 1.5 = 10 Nm

Special features

  • Integrated melt temperature and pressure transducer
  • Integrated amplifier within CDTAI line
  • The most realistic measurement
  • Longlife design
  • Compatibility with standard converters
  • Membrane coated with titanium nitrides
  • Fineness of the measurement ranges ±0,5%
  • Thermo-element according DIN 43710, J-type
  • Rigid steam with flexible components


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