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Thermocouple is also known as thermo-element or thermo-cell. It is one of the process automation elements. It is characterized by high reliability, accuracy and elastic design which allows to apply it in different conditions. Thermocouples are available with 1 or 2 thermo-cells. The depth of thermocouple immersion can be stepwise regulated by the rotation of the bayonet cap, which is set on spring.

Technical data

Number of thermocouples1, 2
Type of tipflat
120° angle
Type of thermocoupleFe-CuNi typ J
Fe-CuNi typ L
NiCr-Ni typ K
Pt 100/500/1000
Internal diameter of fastener, dipstick capØ12.2
Bushing threadM10 x 1
M12 x 1
M14 x 1.5
G 1/4
G 3/8
M12 x 1.75
G 1/2
Max. temperature400°C

Special features

  • No external power supply required
  • Small dimensions
  • Low heat capacity
  • Low time inertia
  • Wide range of measurements with good linearity
  • Simple design
  • High reliability