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Reducer Bushings

Reducer Bushing make it easy to make a hole for mounting the temperature and pressure sensors. The bushing is made of hardened and nitrided steel. To mount reducing bushing it is enough to use a regular tap metric.

Reducer bushing types:

  • M16 – ½″-20 UNF-2A
  • M18x1,5 – ½″-20 UNF-2A
  • M24 – M18x1,5

Reducer Bushing allows the installation of the sensor with the ½ “-20 UNF-2A thread in place of the existing metric M16 or M18x1,5 thread. The bushing also allow to reduce the risk of damage to the sensor during its unscrewing, eg. For cleaning the channel.


  • Very high quality,
  • hardened surfaces exclude the possibility of damaging the membrane and the tip of the sensor,
  • eliminate the danger of seizing up the thread,
  • allow easy exchange of the bushing.