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Rotary Screen Changers

Rotary screen changers represent the latest generation of filters for the wrong pressure processes. Based on many years of experience in the field of rotary screen changer we offer an effective filtration system.


Operating principle of the filter is based on the rotation of the rotatable disc, which is mounted between the two blocks of the filter. On the inlet side of the disc there are sockets. Into those sockets filter screens with special clamps are mounted. Sockets are located eccentrically in relation with a flow channel of polymer. The filtering process can be performed on up to three slots.
With every movement of the rotary disc part of new filter screen is inserted into the channel. At the same time part of old filter screen is removed from the channel. With this solution, the filtration surface area does not change, which ensures constant pressure flow of material. Because of this solution constancy of melt material parameters is ensured.

Rotacyjne zmieniacze sit typu F reprezentują najnowszą generację filtrów dla stałociśnieniowych procesów. Na podstawie wieloletnich doświadczeń w dziedzinie obrotowych filtrów oferujemy niezwykle skuteczny system filtracji.